Letters from Yesterday

by Void808

Released 2017
Released 2017
A great blend of melodic piano with full-bodied, distorted guitar overtones.
VOiD808 is an Orange County, California based alternative/modern/indie rock band releasing their third full-length studio album, "Letters From Yesterday." The theme of the album is rooted in finding the intersection between the past and the present with the growth of the band, professionally and personally, as the foundation of change and maturation. "Days and Nights" speaks to this theme lyrically, bidding farewell to days and nights of the past with the line, "So long, we said... to the days and nights that we'll remember all our lives." The band's Christmas-themed song, "Bring Me Home," provides a message of hope and faith that one could be home for Christmas, cherishing their time with loved ones. "Falling" is a song about a man falling on his worst luck, with the hope that divine intervention could be his last hope, while "Weight of the World" is about doing more than telling someone you love them, by showing them instead. The band is very excited about the release of this album, as it has been in the works for some time, and all of their hard work has finally paid off.