After All Is Said and Done


“After All is Said and Done…” is what’s filling the void for the members of this Orange County based indie-rock quartet VOiD808 in early 2008 as they release their 3rd independent release entitled, “After All is Said and Done.” The band has been working on material for this album for the past 3 years, shortly following the release of their previous album, Soundtrack to Your Favorite Memory, in September 2004. “The last album was very emotional for me and was very diverse in pace, tempo, and theme. I thought it would be a tough album to follow, but I’m really proud of the artistry and expression that our current album captures. Musically, the album took the band places it had never been before and revitalized our sound,” states Oscar Oo, vocalist/songwriter.

VOiD808 revolve the album around the theme of a midnight drive taken to revitalize a relationship in “After All is Said and Done.” The songs on the record reflect the theme behind the album concept and stay with the metaphor of taking a journey through both difficult and peaceful times. The layout of the album beautifully illustrates this journey by providing the listener with images from the lyrics, told from beginning to end. VOiD808 create impressions of pain and anger on this album that are depicted in songs like Spirit of Downtown, Midnight Drive, and Whispers in the Dark, which brings to life the spoken words behind the prayer of someone who is hurting. Brandon Ochoa, drummer, shares, “I liked our chemistry when writing for this album. It helped us explore horizons we’ve never explored before musically.” VOiD808 also write about not taking life for granted with songs like Tomorrow’s Just a Promise, and also tailors the album to be reflective of bittersweet memories with songs like Anthem of Our Lives. Lastly, VOiD808 illustrate the metaphor of the reluctance to let go of painful memories with the melancholy acoustic tracks, Last Dance, and Image in Our Memories. Mike Turner, guitarist, states, “One could just put the cd in their car stereo and take a trip down memory lane; a youthful adventure.” Jay Adams, bassist, refers to the album as being, “Full of life experience.”

Since the release of their last album, VOiD808 have gone from local promotions to international marketing and promotions through the use of electronic music sales and advertising. They have exponentially increased their distribution, and with iTunes and CD Baby being their biggest international distributor, they currently have over 60 digital distribution sites and are at the height of their international exposure. VOiD808 are on a nonstop promotional campaign to further their music careers in utilizing some of the most popular networking tools on the internet today, including: myspace, friendster, purevolume, and other networking sites with well over hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, receiving an average of several hundreds of emails daily. During this period of high volume promotions, VOiD808 have also greatly increased the number of search results on any internet search engine. VOiD808 firmly believe that responding to their fans and building a relationship with their fans is the essence of creating music and hoping that someone else can find solace and comfort in this world by sharing the gift that was first given to them.

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