"LET THE MUSIC SPEAK FOR ITSELF," is the philosophy that VOiD808 adheres to. This take-charge group has done it all themselves, from placing their current release, "Time Is Now," in record stores to garnering attention from local press and local radio stations. Today VOiD808 has landed themselves a recording contract with Coach House Records, a subdivision of the nationally renowned dinner-theatre, The Coach House, in San Juan Capistrano, CA. Eager to deliver a product to their audience, VOiD808 took it upon themselves to raise enough money to go into a professional recording studio to record the EP, "For the People," due out late-summer '02 when their Coach House Records release was delayed. "For the People" truly encompasses the wide variety of emotions and thoughts that VOiD808 feels "bridges the gap" between artist and audience. Just as artists ranging from Blink 182, Live, The Goo Goo Dolls, to Creed, influence VOiD808, they share their emotions and thoughts on the record through a wide variation of approaches in songwriting. From the haunting Ave de Mer, which metaphorically portrays love through elements of water and dream, to the highly energetic Ready, which defines seizing the moment to do what you need to do, "For the People" is a reflection of the individuals in VOiD808; particularly for Ready, an afterimage of VOiD808's philosophy in determining one's own destiny, which brought "For the People" into production. Moreover, VOiD808 was not hesitant in including the slower, acoustic, more emotionally-wrenching ballads on this release, like the final track, Goodbye Forever. In a simple acoustic theme, Goodbye Forever illustrates the desire for one more night from a failing romance during heartbreak, and received such high appraisal from their audience that it absolutely needed to be included on this release even though it was a 4-track recording.
VOiD808's music has always adopted a positive message and aside from performing at well known dinner theatres throughout Southern California, such as the House of Blues, the Roxy Theatre and the Coach House, VOiD808 has also performed at many charitable events for children, philanthropies for fraternities and sororities, and for the youth at churches and high schools.

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